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I am constantly amazed how much my children learn when they are away from me. I’m more amazed by how much they learn when they are with me, but that’s a whole other story.

We spend a lot of time worrying about what we’re teaching our children. Are we doing a good job or a bad job? Should we expose them to the news or keep them sheltered? Should we teach them about this or what until they know more about that? Are they making good choices? Are they making good bad choices? Did they hear that word from me or from someone else?

It’s a minefield.

But then at night when they are telling you things to prolong sleepy-time, you realise they are out there soaking up stuff that you haven’t even thought to discuss with them. Some if true. Some of it not so true. And some, some very close to true.

And there ‘aint nothing you can do about it EXCEPT HOLD IN THE LAUGHS.

This year the girls have told me about the following:

  1.  China’s no child policy – “You aren’t allowed to have babies in China so because Kate’s* parents wanted to have children they moved to Australia so they could have her and her sister. Which is lucky for us right? If they’d not been born we would never have met them. And I’m never going to be Chinese because I definitely want babies.”
  2. ‘Originals’ – “Before white people came on a boat only the ‘originals’ lived in Australia.  They were doing just fine but we gave them the flu and stuff.”
  3. Space – “The planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. And Pluto used to be a planet but isn’t anymore. They did tell me why but I didn’t really care”
  4. Precious stones – “My friend Ruby is named after a precious stone. And so is her brother. And she taught me the names of lots of them – Jade, Amethyst, Turquoise, Sapphire, Diamond and lots more. She knows a lot about stones but nothing about pet rocks.”
    source: Pixabay
  5. Volcanos – “Climbing up volcanos is a dumb idea because you’ll end up dead.”
  6. Beach safety – “Don’t swim with sharks. If they bite your leg off your leggings won’t fit.”
  7. Refugees – “John* said refugees lived in camps. I said he was wrong because camping was fun and you said that Australia isn’t very nice to refugees so they are definitely not in camps.”
  8. The secret to a good life – “The reason you need maths is because of life. If you don’t know maths, life will be hard. If you do know maths, life will be easy. If you’re only okay at it, it’s probably best to marry somebody who is good at it.”
  9. Cooking – “I’m going to be a chef Mum. I want to do really good cooking. Not like you and Dad.”
  10. Soccer – “We played soccer today. And I REALLY don’t get why people want to play it on Saturdays.”
What gems have yours offered up lately?
*Not their real names
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