Just a brief observation – the funny thing about tonight’s Click Frenzy is not that the site failed – they wont be the first group that were surprised by the size of their success – but that everybody moved in ten minutes from “HIP HIP HURRAH CLICK FRENZY GONNA GET ME A BARGAIN I LOVE ONLINE SHOPPING” to ‘Oh I totes knew it wasn’t going to work out – I mean HONESTLY’.

Seriously – the majority of the world appeared to give it about ten minutes.  Its a 24 hour sale, it was a bit over successful and the whole thing started more slowly than planned.  You’re still talking about it, you’re still logging on or checking for cheat codes to get your bargains.  Click Frenzy is not in any way a failure.

And I’ve got me a whole bunch of loot that says so.  And if you want the same BUT YOU WANT IT NOW NOT IN A FEW MINUTES – get you to #clickfrenzy on twitter and calm the fuck down.