There is no difference between ‘online’ and ‘IRL’ anymore.

Who you are online is exactly who you are in real life. 
So if you threaten violence against women (or men) online, those are thoughts that exist in your head in real life. They are a reflection of your true self.
So if somebody disagrees with me online and calls me a bitch, or hopes I get raped by the refugees I advocate on behalf of, they really think that.
I’ve copped some abuse, by men and by women, but mostly by men. And all because I am a big believer that human rights are for all humans. Those that are Gay. Indigenous. Refugees. Women. Poor. Rich. I’ve even written in support of people who I really don’t like. 
Clementine Ford recently copped a lot of abuse Rape threats. Death threats. Violence. Intimidation. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of posts. 
People are charming aren’t they?
People threatened things I had never even had the inclination to think in my entire life. Let alone say out loud. And don’t be mistaken – typing something on a public page on the internet is EXACTLY the same as spitting it into their face at the watercooler. 
And some posted this venom on her public page, using profile pictures where they are posing with their wife and daughters. 
She called them on it. Many of them. Using information they make publicly available on their profile. See here. One guy lost his job over it. 
She continues to call them on it.
She’s indefatigable. 
It’s not a case of sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you. The science has been in on that for a long time. It’s bullshit.
Abuse is abuse. Violent words are violence. Violent acts are violence.
Women have the right to have opinions without threats of violence, death and rape. 
I stand with Clem. I stand with all women who can’t find their own voice because they have been silenced through fear and aggression.
I stand with them not because I am fearless but because incidents like this make me doubt my fundamental belief that all people are essentially good.
I stand with them not because I am fearless but because I want my daughters to grow up fearless. 
I am incredibly proud to be taking part in today’s Twitter campaign #endviolenceagainstwomen. 
Join us. 
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