Just behind Kerri Sackville’s VERY good article on being a pottymouth parent* – there I am.  Published.  

Page 22.  February edition of Practical Parenting. Which is mainstream media.  Australia’s number one magazine for parents. 
And best of all, it’s an opinion piece.
The irony after the last blog post eh?

Anyway, I’ve put a photo of it below but you should go and buy the magazine so you can 
a) read the ‘No’ viewpoint,
b) read the whole magazine 
c) tear the page with my article out of it
d) frame it 
e) get me to autograph it. 
 For when I become Beiberesque in my celebrity and you want to sell that autograph to fund your retirement.
Don’t think it’s worth the $6 to buy the magazine? 
All I have to say people is remember the parable of the Bitcoins. The doubters still work for the man, the investors own big yachts and throw their underpants away rather than wash them. 
You’re welcome.
* Self confessed pottymouth parent with children that don’t.  Nature vs Nuture? Thank you Nature.