These children hate going to bed and some vegetables.
That’s it. That’s all they’ve got in the prejudice department.

I actually applaud the question being asked.

What about the kids?

What about the kids born completely free of bigotry in any way and finding themselves being raised by people who actually think who other people choose to love is any of their damn business?

What about the kids being drip fed hate speak as normal? What about the children who are being brought up by parents who judge others based on sexuality, religion, race or disability?

What about the kids of people who not only believe these things but put their faces to them on national television or bang on lecterns in public places as they share their bigotry with others?

What about the kids being exposed to the bullshit bigotry enshrined in legislation, aired on television as an advert , wrapped up as God’s freakin’ word at church on Sunday or spat out as the ultimate insult on Saturday’s football field?

What about the kids that don’t know that being called ‘gay’ by somebody isn’t actually an insult, but a very public demonstration of ignorance by the other person?

What about the kids who don’t know that having a parent of each gender does not guarantee you positive role models, a caring environment or a successful life?

What about the kids who are being brought up by complete numpties?

This isn’t random for me.  I have a number of friends who because they happen to love somebody of the same gender have to live regularly with the kind of small minded, bigoted bullshit perpetuated by the adverts on the weekend.

About half of those are parents. Good parents.  Loving parents.  Sometimes completely insane parents that worry about getting it right.  You know.  Like most parents.

What about the kids?

Fairly awesome, engaging and loud – every single one of them.

Like all kids surrounded by love and not bigotry.

I wish all kids were so lucky.

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