Have you noticed that everybody is talking about the weather because its hot.  Like really hot.  And over in England they are talking about the weather because its cold.  Like really cold.  And over in America we talked about the weather because it was windy.  Like really windy.  And… well you get the picture.

For talking about the bloody obvious there is no bigger topic than the weather.  For us here in Australia, we start summer tomorrow so its not unreasonable for the weather to be warming up.  And yes it’s hot.  But that is what the seasons are about.  Summer is hot.  Autumn is cooling down.  Winter is cold.  Spring is warming up.  And I hate to be the one to break it to everybody – but this happens every bloody year.


If it’s hot, carry a little fan or sit in the air conditioning or go swimming. Don’t bitch about it.  You can’t change it, I can’t change it and quite frankly, the fact that you are surprised by hot weather in summer makes me doubt your intelligence and general observation skills.  I definitely don’t want to talk about it with every single person I encounter be they friend, foe or sharing the bus seat with me.

And if you’re living somewhere cold – put on more jumpers, wear boots and sit near a heater.  Are you with me here people?  Deal with it. Don’t talk about it. If you need advance warning so you can prepare yourself – visiting bom.gov.au.  Download the app. Take action!

But if it’s raining?  Go out side, turn your face up to the sky.  Stick your tongue out and catch the raindrops. Jump in puddles.  Spin around with your arms out.  Ignore the stares. Because walking in the rain is most awesome.  Fact.  And I am more than happy to talk about this any time.