For those that have been with me since the heady days of 2012 when I talked about hating tuna, designer vaginas and in defence of Tony Abbott (true story), you’ll know that I start blogging because I needed to use my words to talk about things that interested me, and my newborn and toddler were absolutely crap at discourse of any kind.

They still are. Unless it interests them. So I suspect they are destined to be Liberal politicians.

But I think I blog for the reason most no-niche bloggers blog. It’s not because we have anything to say that is going to change the world. We have nothing educational to say, we know nothing about parenting despite having children, we only exercise when we have to, we don’t care about cooking or paleo or cupcakes enough to write something of benefit to others.

We don’t slow our home, we’re not musical nerds, we don’t speed up our home. We’re not good at gardening, we can’t teach you anything except hard won advice like how to get a popcorn kernel out of a kid’s nose and never go to Hawaii without pre-booking the tourist activities.

We blog because we like writing. We blog because we have opinions. We blog because there is something inherently satisfying about taking the noise out of our heads and shaping it into something sensible, or at least coherent, and casting it adrift.  It leaves room in our heads for more noise or even just different noise.

I blog because all of us find it hard to say things sometimes – even chatterboxes like me. Sometimes it is easier to write about things than it is to talk about things. And if nothing else, blogging has taught me that in sharing my personal stories, it enables other people to share theirs. Because for the first time in FOREVER, they find out that they aren’t the only one who thought that particularly daft thing or went down that very dark path.

I blog because I care about certain issues and the only way to possible to connect to a wider audience with interest in the same issues is to put my point of view out there. Enable people to engage in dialogue, tell me I’m wrong, tell me I’m right. I have actually changed my mind about some things I have written about based on the information and feedback I’ve received.

I blog because I need a community. I’m a bleeding heart leftie with a big mouth, depression and to top it all off I’m an extrovert that works alone.  I don’t get to do water cooler discussion. I can’t be hating on the Bachelor or railing against xenophobic Australian policies to myself. If talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, turning the washing machine on so you have the comforting sound of company is probably a close second.

I blog because we need to challenge the status quo. Both our own and other peoples. Comfort zones are for losers. If I don’t challenge my thinking and opinions, how can I ever grow? If I was still the same person I was at 12 we’d all be in some serious trouble. The mid 80s in Australia were in no way the most enlightened of times.  Blogging gives me a way to put forward my point of view. It gives me a voice.

I strongly believe we all need to stand for something. Or we stand for nothing. I am incredibly aware of the privilege that I have inherited as a result of my birth and I find that blogging enables me to connect with people on issues that I would never have known we had in common if I didn’t write about them, because it was never going to come up in casual conversation.

I blog because I believe in the transformational power of stories. I blog because without it I wouldn’t have met some of the most amazing friends. I blog because without it I would not have had the opportunities to become a better person, a more informed individual and a more connected individual.

I blog because it is only in this space that I am truly unfettered, free to articulate myself, define myself and sometimes, expose myself.

I blog because of the voice inside.

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